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We strive to nourish our bodies by taking steps to a regular clean diet and making slow changes to create the lifestyle we desire!
To keep our muscles and joints strong to withstand aging and to get our cleansing blood pumping vigorously!
We run. We flip tires. We workout with kettlebells, dumbells, medicine balls, stability balls, wall balls, resistance tubes, jump ropes, a battlerope and hundreds of exercises to make you sweat, burn fat and build muscle!​   **PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO COVID19, SHARED EQUIPMENT IS UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME**

Cori Sneed

Personal Trainer and Crossfit Level I Instructor



Born and raised in St. Louis and the Midwest, although well traveled, my roots remain right here at home! My mission is to make a difference in our community by helping you to create healthy habits and inspire others, that will all be passed down to generations to come.


I became a Certified Group Exercise Instructor in September 2012, a Certified Personal Trainer in April 2014 and a Crossfit Level I Instructor in November 2014. I have a wide variety of class programming experience and have learned so much from my colleagues! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to bring health and fitness to you in private, fun and unique way!


I am a proud mom to a 10yr old boy and an 11yr old girl. We are an active family who enjoys sports and spending time outdoors. I also am in the real estate business and I could not ask for 2 more diverse, evolving, challenging and awesome careers! Customer service is my specialty! :)


I opened Crossroads Lifestyle Solutions, LLC in March 2014 and I have been inspired and motivated by the progress of my clients! Their energy, enthusiam, dedication and results leave me fulfilled daily.    

Camaraderie + Fitness = Success


My message to you: Consistent hard work pays off. Regular exercise & a clean diet is best for your longevity & current state of well-being. Yes, enjoy indulgences in moderation. Don't focus on the numbers as you already know how to live a healthy ‘feel good’ yet fulfilling life. Make it happen, have fun & enjoy it!      

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Email: info@crossroadsls.com

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